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January 23, 2008


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Yay! First! I keep coming back to The Bride's Cafe for all the AMAZING featured weddings! I can't decide whose I liked more: Seneca and Elton at the Biltmore Estate or Roseanne and Frank at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.. Just beautiful!


To simply put it, I keep coming back to TBC because of all the inspiration you provide. You passion also clearly comes across the whole blog. One of the first things I do every morning is check the blog to see what has been added and I always check it once more before bed, which is why the late post now =).

Not to mention, I had a question the other day and you got back to me SO fast! That really made me feel like you care about each and every one of your readers and it is much appreciated. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do!

Mighty Mouse

I keep coming back because your content is fresh, beautiful and inspiring! Please pick me!


I'm a floral designer and the Bride's Cafe is one of my top web stops for inspiration and news on what's chic in wedding design - up to the latest minute. Visually, it always satisfies and your writing upbeat and fun.


I love your arrangements! They always inspire me. I've saved about 50 of your posts on my blogreader so I can keep looking back at all your wonderful creations that are helping me decide on my arrangements for my wedding


I check this every morning as soon as I get to work...the photos you highlight are beautiful and the flowers are amazing..and just the inspiration i need in the morning to help me thru the day and plan my wedding.

Glamour This! by Kelly

OOo... janie, im so jealous. Your already having giveaways!!! Your doing an awesome job. So pick me :)


I have been married for six years now, so why do I read your blog? I LOVE COLOUR! And you have one of the most beautiful blogs I've seen. Your photos and colour boards make me happy. You've inspired me to learnhow to use my own blog for beauty.


I come back for all the inspiration this blog provides. I love that you post the work of different florists and photographers. The featured weddings are probably my favorite part though. Its great to see what real brides are doing.


I love (and come back to) TBC because this is the site that helps me plan my wedding. I find both inspiration and vendors!


I read your blog for so many reasons. You have always inspired me with your passion and love of all things beautiful. You are always enthusiastic and encouraging and you always look for what is fresh, new and exciting in the wedding industry. You make me want to be successful as an event planner. You are a great inspiration and The Bride's Cafe is such a fun and beautiful spot to visit. It is one of the first places I go every morning.
Continue the great work my friend!


You always have wonderful inspirations and fabulous information. I've bookmarked so many of the sites you've featured, I've long since lost count. Congrats on your success and for future endeavors.


I love your blog. I'm amazed at how everyday you have at least one new post filled with beautiful images and amazing tips from all of these professionals. The wealth of information you provide inspires me as I plan my wedding.

Ellie B

I keep coming back to your site because I feel that your aesthetic is more similar to my own, as compared to other blogs. It's the kind of feel I am looking for for the wedding I am currently planning for July.


I keep coming back here for all the wedding inspiration I receive, whether it's through words or pictures, I'm always finding something new and exciting here!


Love the ideas in this blog and that book looks fantastic.


Janie - you make this blog look so easy but I know how much work it must take! Thank you for selecting such a great variety of wedding elements, photos and content to share with us and finding the best of the best to give us their expert advice. You have such impeccable style and talent that really shines through this blog!

Lisa from Blush

as a fellow blogger I come here simply for the pretty! I love the beauty and diversity of your blog and your impeccable eye for detail is captivating. I truly enjoy the inteviews you have conducted and have learned much through TBC. You are simply delightful and insightful.

Jenny Mason

The Brides Cafe was my first "blog" experience and I have to say that I am SO addicted to it's elegance. I cannot get over the wedding images, ideas, and imagination that you share daily. I'm constantly trying to break free of the mold people have in mind for weddings and your blog has given me wings to fly! I hope that I can successfully carry out some of the ideas and stepping stones you've laid down through your blogging to make my June wedding surprisingly breathtaking to my family and honored guests. Thank you for your daily inspirations!


I love your blog for so many reasons:
1) eye candy - what breathtaking photos!
2) your interviews with other professionals - I love the insight and the tips they share.
3) the variety of photos/topics you cover - it's been an inspiration to me as I plan all aspects of my own wedding.
Thanks, Janie!


Dear Janie,

A dear friend of mine became engaged and frequented your site for your ideas and inspiration. She would ask for my opinion on many of your postings, as she created a vision for her special day. I found myself coming back on my own, in order to have a blissful break from my day at work.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend proposed to me! Where was my first stop for ideas? TBC!! I love your features and special ideas. They have already left their mark on my own wedding plans!

Thank you!

Mia Song

I love the color palette themed entries! They inspire me for my wedding. It also gives me insight on the who's who of weddings :D Thanks!


I just recently discovered this blog (found it via another blog, but cannot remember) and it has fast become one of my faves due to the color palettes (and everything else too)!


Oh, that's an easy question!

Great ideas.
Last but not least - personality! Sharing stories and what brings a smile to your face makes your blog interesting.

Heidi @ Zenadia Design

TBC is a daily read for me for a number of reason. First, I love all the vendor interviews. They are always so full of great information. Second, beautiful color! I loved Rosanne and Frank's wedding you featured. Third, you have a new post every day and they are always different in content! I'm always excited to see what the new post will be about. And last but not least, your style; classy, chic, and detailed. I also have to tell you how much I love the idea of having your blog be a "cafe". It makes me want to turn around and order a mocha!
Thank you for all the time you put into TBC!


One of my absolute favorite things about TBC is the interviews - what a great way to get some key advice from the pros! (It even inspired me to interview one of my favorite floral designers on my own blog!)

Monica C

Projects and decisions can get overwhelming. As a bride in love with DIY, I find that possibility looming over at all times. Having a moment at the end of the day(ok, I'll admit, I check the blog out throughout the day!), to relax and absorb the beautiful creations and ideas of you and the artist/vendors that you feature is a much-appreciated respite. Thank you for the gorgeous diversion and inspiration, please keep up the good work! Or at least until July 19th (our wedding date..)!!


I love The Bride's Cafe for many reasons -- let me count the ways =).

First, the inspiration that oozes from every post. You display such a wide range of imagery and content that really covers every base that a stylish bride needs to see. Second, the attention to details! For example, I love that your color palette posts contain such a variety of examples of shades and tones. Third, the consistent updating. No lie, I usually click on TBC first thing during the day to see what new interviews, floral ideas, etc. you've put up next. And last, but not least, the vibrant personality in the blog itself! The enthusiastic way in which you write is quite infectious and really makes it a joy to read =).

Anyway, I look forward to seeing many many more posts on TBC! Thanks!


I will sum up why I come in one word, INSPIRATION. You truly have an eye for what's great. Keep up the good work!

Inspired Events By Nycia

From the first time I came cross your fabulous blog I got HOOKED!! Your style, your layouts, the colors, everthing about your blog I love! I feel like I know you personally just from reading, and it always makes me want to come back to TBC for more. I can tell you are passionate aboout what you do.. You truly inspire me!!


Inspired Events By Nycia

Corinne C

I get inspiration for my up coming wedding everyday by gracing the pages of your blog. I LOVE the new site!!!!
I check this site daily for Real Weddings, Engagement photos, and now giveaways!!! Whoo Hoo! So excited.... :)~

Pick Me!!
Pick Me!!!

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