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February 19, 2008


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Ann Torres

Gorgeous penmanship!!! It just adds that much more to a beautiful invitation when you have beautiful calligraphy.

Heidi @ Zenadia Design

Beautiful!! I love the place cards! I tired to learn calligraphy but just didn't seem to have the patience for it. =)

LCI Paper

Absolutely beautiful. What a difference great calligraphy can make...

Don't forget the wording. Good wording goes along with beautiful penmanship like hand in glove... Some good resources for wording ideas include:

"Invitation Wording" at the LCI Paper website

"Wedding invitation wording that won't make you barf" at the the Offbeat Bride

Also check out: "Invitation Wording Sets the Mood for Your Wedding"

Rev. Virginia Bishop

Any suggestions as to how I would learn to do calligraphy? Thanks!


I love your calligraphy and the names as well. You know, I like your handwriting called "Josephine" more than others, it is classic and so beautiful font.
Good luck.

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