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February 26, 2008


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Glamour This! by Kelly

Oooo... these cakes are stunning. I love the paris cake but those purses... I wouldn't want to eat them... they are so pretty.

Thanks for the post, Janie.
miss you


Wow! These cakes don't even look real! I want to sample each and every one...but I am not sure where to make my first slice! Amazing!!!

Heidi @ Zenadia Design

Wow. Thats all I can say! Those cakes are stunnning!!!


WOW! These are out of this world!!! Looks like she can make any cake beyond your wildest dreams!!!


I liked the "True Religion Jeans"! But truly, all these cakes are all so beautiful and look so real, I wouldn't want to cut it, less eat it. Great job Shinmin you are an amazing artist! Thanks Janie for posting these cakes, they take my breath away!


wow these cakes are incredibly impressive -- i've seen a lot of bakers do the whole shoe/handbag thing but not with that level of detail and impeccable craftsmanship! amazing =)!


Absolutely amazing cakes - I am always on the lookout for innovative twists and boy-oh-boy, these cakes are just exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you this post and all your great posts!

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