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August 25, 2008


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I am sure you had extra photographers around...I will only have one, and am trying to coordinate a self serve photo booth. The actual booths that you can rent are not available in my area. Polaroids aren't going to work...any ideas or suggestions? Wedding is in less than two weeks now and this is the one detail dragging! I appreciate any help!!

holly hatam

this wedding is so absoulutley beautiful!

laura novak

thank you for all your kind comments! I cannot take credit for the design of this wedding at all... honestly! it was all the amazing people I hired and the best thing I did was step by and let them do their thing!

courtney as i'm sure you have found lighting the photo book is the trickiest thing. does your photographer have a set of lights and assistant that could man (or woman) the booth for you? that would be the easiest way to go... you really need photo lights to do this BUT any unskilled assistant could press the shutter button once the lights were set up by a pro.


Rachel @ Southern Weddings

Stunning details~ the food looks so amazing!

The Unbride

I heart Laura Novak! :)

Jennifer Dery

Don't be so humble! If it weren't for you none of the details would have come together in the magical way they did.

Laura has the amazing talent of completing a project to the millionth power. I've never seen such amazing attention to detail combined with excellent taste!

I was honored to be a bridesmaid for Laura & John and was able to see this all come together first hand.

adrian hitt

everything is absolutely stunning! i'm so glad to have seen more shots. simply gorgeous.

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