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November 05, 2008


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Hello, I would loveee to win one of sarah's ring pillows for my march 09 wedding.
I am a budget bride so the carats on the pillow will not be much.. haha
Therefore, a small cute one will be perfect!

thank you!

The Pissed Off Bride

Hello. I was awarded an uber amazing wedding blog award from Wish Pot weddings. I had to choose five other blogs and I chose you. I love your blog!

If you are interested, please check my site for details.

Diane W

My pillow won't have any karats (just a simple gold band) but it will hold a lot of love and a very big promise!


Cute pillows! I'd love to win of these for my June 09 wedding! The pillow won't be holding many karats, but it will be carried by the cutest 3 year old ring bearer ever!!

Thanks! Kelly


We haven't bought the rings for our August 2009 wedding - so no karats yet! But maybe a fabulous pillow will inspire us! I'd love to win one!

jessica @ budgetsavvybride

These are so dreamy and lovely! Our ring pillow will be holding .25 karats on our wedding day! my two bands and his single band! I would love for our rings to rest on one of these pretty pillows!


I love these pillows! I have been searching for something unique for my 3 year old godson to carry in our wedding! We haven't picked out our wedding bands yet but would love one of Sarah's pillows for our June '09 wedding!


No karats yet but my two rings bearers will just be sooo cute walking down with one of Sarah's pillows!

kathryn w

Sarah Landsdale's pillows are beautiful. I am an artist and have been paying a lot of attention to the details of my wedding... her creativity would compliment all our plans up until now wonderfully. My rings are both vintage pieces--- from the early 1900's... their carat size probably equals around 1 together... What I love about them is that their setting is unique. I would love for Sarah to design a vintage-themed pillow in the soft yellow, blue, and ivory theme we're running with...


While we haven't bought rings yet (waiting for more money to buy the rings we're looking at) it will probably be one carat! Like Kathryn W, we're having a vintage themed wedding, and I would love a vintage looking pillow. It would be beautiful!

amanda b, young

Oh wow. That ribbon and button one is fabulous! And the pink and black initial ones...love them!


It'll carry .91 karats but of the best quality. ;)

I really need an enticing pillow as my future nephew (adorable 3 year old with a cute british accent)keeps saying that he does not want to carry the rings. He wants to carry the flowers instead!


.77 carats here...I can just see our little ring bearer Jake walking up to the tree holding it oh so proudly!( he's aware of his huge responsibility and is taking it very seriously!"


None, just 2 simple platinum bands!


Here is a link to my wedding band: http://www.tacori.com/TACORI-SRCH/LADIES_BANDS/2526ETML-A-19-1-25-/. My fiance's is a very simple, but industrial looking white gold band. Our ringbearer has already been practicing for our May 2 wedding and is determined to be "brave and strong" while he carries our rings down the aisle. One of those beautiful ring pillows would make his grand duty so much more fun.

Amy Marie

I may not have a big ring.. but I have a big heart. One that is partially broken because the state of California has voted to ban gay marriage.. thus meaning my beautiful partner Lisa and I can not legally wed as we had planned. BUT we are still going ahead with our ceremony because no piece of paper changes the pledge of love we wish to make to one another. And on a side note, we have two little nephews serving as ring bearers... so we need two pillows! Would be great to get one for free! :)


I would love for my nephew (our ring bearer) who turned 6 today to be able to carry one of Sarah's gorgeous pillows in our Sept 09 wedding. I would find one that would compliment black, ivory and green vintage color scheme. I would love something special to accompany my dress. It was my mothers and she wore it 30 years ago next year when she married my father. It will carry our two simple platinum bands. I know it would add another special touch to our very special day.


I love the starfish pillow, gorgeous! I love the pretty blue dupioni ones too... very pretty stuff, I can't believe she used to work for Melissa Sweet!

We've got less than one carat...but I've got small hands, so it looks huge!


Did anyone ever win this competition? I just want to know if I should give up hope. ;)

flower girl dress

i won it about 2years back , that was the most happiest day of my life .


great- do you sell those

white gold rings

These are all hand done? Simply too great

flower girl dresses

have you put these on etsy.com? we have customers asking for hand made pillows all the time

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I love these!!!

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