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November 04, 2009


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She had a very nice wedding gown for sure this is her dream wedding,congratulation to the couples and best wishes. :)


Cheshire Wedding Venue

what a gorgeous dress- very individual!

Stela by weddingvows

I hooked towards this design of gown..really its wonderful and different. I would like to choose this design for my wedding. Thanks for sharing.



wow...amazing dress

bridal registry

LOVE this pic with the Spanish styled dress and chucks. Lovely!


This dress is simply amazing!

Florida Beach Wedding

Love the wedding dress

Flower Girl Dresses

That dress is gorgeous! I wonder i the designer makes Flower Girl Dresses as well?!

bridal girl

Such a beautiful wedding dress. Love it.

Nursing pajamas

beautiful! lovely to see the couple wearing their wedding gowns and they are happily married. very nice!


Wow, her dress is simply fabulous. The bride looks pretty stunning in it. Love the photo too, both of them are naturals in front of the camera.

25th anniversary invitations

The dress is super beautiful! Everything looks great! Congratulations!

Perth Lawyers

Lol he is totally my bf style. Forever all star..

Sydney Lawyers

I love her dress so much. really pretty


Not only is the picture seductive, but also the dress is magic and chic. The design of the dress is put the power of the ruffles and fragments to good use.


Great Photos and the pose of the couple with the background makes it a great photo

Destin weddings

I have seen more and more dresses like this one for beach weddings this year. Quit popular with the bride.


When I first saw the picture, I was amazed with her gown! I love her gown and I think it is in Spanish style.

I love it!


25th anniversary invitations

She look like an argentinian bride with her wedding gown. And she is very pretty.

rhinestone bridal tiaras

OMG that dress is absolutely amazing! I want one just like it now :)

Ribbon Bridal Headpieces

Hello, what a nice post to find today.... that couple looks so good together and it makes me long for love again lol


Wow, what gorgeous looks!

wedding dress

LOVE the dress so much!!!!

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